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The Company of the Tavern is a group inspired by Geoffrey Chaucer's "The Canterbury Tales", written in London c.1380 - 1390. Chaucer brought the English language fame by writing about the everyday people he saw from his residence above London bridge, and as such many of the characters he presents in the "Tales" are based on real life people, from their stories to their clothes and trinkets - all are inspired by what Chaucer heard and saw in this period of time. Taking inspiration from Chaucer, we also aim to present some of those characters and their professions through the representation of an everyday Tavern, one commonly found in late 14th century England when the "Tales' were first written. We also explore what was going on in England, and extensively what was going on in Europe. Any member of the public is welcome to come and see our displays, sit down with our members, and talk about medieval lives outside of the pagentry and chivarly off the tourney field.


Our groups primary research comes from not only the novel Chaucer - The Canterbury Tales, but the great many companions and resources written in and around this novel.
Many books also show the furniture from Chaucers time, explore the history and culture of London in the 14th century, and go into detail more around the every day person and not just the Knights & Ladies of such a spectacular period of history.



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